Orlando Figure Skating Club

Andrei Berekhovski - Figure Skating Coach

Andrei Berekhovski is one our our principal coaches at the OFSC. He is from Russia and has his Master of Sports Science from the University of Physical Culture and Sport of Russia. He has trained skaters to compete at the National and International level and has coached at Junior World, Worlds, US Nationals, and Junior Nationals. Together with Tonia they run our on-ice classes, off-ice classes, and show programs. 

Tonia Berekhovskaia - Skating Director

Tonia Berekhovskaia is our skating director. She is from Russia and has obtained a Masters Degree in Choreography from the University of Modern Art. Throughout her coaching career she has trained skaters to compete in many competitions nationally and internationally including Junior Worlds, Worlds, U.S. Nationals, US Junior Nationals, and more.